C9 Contractz breaks down Kayn and the Cinderhulk Meta

Juan “Contractz” Garcia joined us after Cloud 9’s 2-1 victory over Phoenix1 to explain Kayn’s strengths in competitive play and share his take on the hotly disputed Patch 7.14.

00:00 – What do you think Kayn brings to the competitive meta?
00:45 – Are there differences between Kayn and other carry junglers?
01:45 – Is Cho’Gath stronger in SoloQ than competitive?
03:05 – What do you think is causing Phoenix1’s fall-off after Rift Rivals?
04:07 – Are Maokai/Cho’Gath preferred in Top to favor carry Junglers?
05:07 – Cinderhulk Tanks and Lethality: Is this patch broken?
05:51 – Thanks to fans


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