CLG HuHi: “I think we don’t have enough time to even be sad.  We have to be ready for the gauntlet.”

Counter Logic Gaming Mid Laner Choi “HuHi” Jae-hyun gives his take on CLG’s shocking 3-0 loss to Immortals in the 2017 NA LCS Summer Semifinals. 


Nick: Alright, I am here with Counter Logic Gaming Mid Laner HuHi following a 3-0 defeat at the hands of Immortals.  While Immortals may have been the slight favorite coming in, a 3-0 is definitely not something we expected.  What do you think went wrong today for you guys?

HuHi: Um…I think we have to go back to the practice we had and all of the situations in which we were putting in practice.  I don’t think we really had ideal practice coming into the IMT match.  Also, pick and bans, I think we messed up a little bit most of the games.  So it was really hard to play the game as a team and execute some plays because we felt like we didn’t have enough tools to do those things.  So yeah, I mean, definitely think right now Immortals are obviously the better team over CLG.

Nick: So we saw you guys stick with the Xayah/Rakan bot lane all three games; not making any adjustments there.  Can you talk about what you guys as a team were trying to accomplish with that duo bot lane and what stopped you from accomplishing that?  Because it ended up not working out.

HuHi: Well, usually Xayah and Rakan right now have big playmaking potential and we wanted to put our bot lane into a pressuring matchup so they can move out of the lane or we can play off of the bot lane.  But yeah, in game it didn’t really work out that well.

Nick: It’s always been said you’re very good at playing to your side lanes.  You’re one of the best side lane enablers of any of the Mid Laners in the NA LCS.  We saw you have some good performances in these losses, but it didn’t really quite translate over to the team.  What do you think stopped that from happening?  Because we saw on the Vel’koz pick you were having a great game; good score; great damage but it just didn’t quite translate?

HuHi: It’s just the circumstance that I was in.  I just felt like I couldn’t do much to impact the game massively, I guess.  I felt like, ‘Yeah, I can win us some skirmishes’ but I definitely thought I wasn’t put in a situation where I can win the game for the team or for us to win as a team.  So that’s definitely something I want to work on going into the future.

Nick: So right now, obviously – this loss is fresh, but you guys now have to look ahead towards the regional gauntlet.  Are you guys going to go analyze this loss further and see what went wrong, or are you guys already ready to move on to the next game?

HuHi: I mean, obviously, we just lost so there are a lot of teammates who are sad, or emotional.  But I think we don’t have enough time to even be sad.  We have to be ready for the gauntlet that is coming after Boston.  So all we have to do is practice our best; not even care about other teams.  We have a huge homework assignment in figuring out our play style; what we want to play; how we want to play as a team.  So that’s what I want to focus on.

Nick: In the past, the solo laners have shouldered the brunt of the blame when the team struggles.  And this split, specifically, it’s been the opposite.  You and Darshan are getting all the praise, while the bot lane is perceived as weak.  Do you think there’s validity to your guys’ strengths shifting as a team?

HuHi: Well I just think there will be times where a player will impact the game more than his teammates, so I just feel like I’m more comfortable with playing on stage right now or like, confident in myself.  So I guess that shows on stage and to the fans.  I definitely think our bottom lane is one of the best bottom lanes in NA, so as a team we’re not working as well as we can compared to the MSI era or when we won NA LCS.  So it’s just up to us to figure out how we can enable each other and play as a team again.

Nick: Does it matter to you that the community’s opinion of you has changed to a much more positive tone in regards to your career and you as a player?

HuHi: It is definitely a factor.  When I see people cheering for me nowadays, or praising me, it just makes me more motivated on what I can work on more and improve on.  It just stops me from being lazy, I want to show them something back like I actually deserve this kind of praise.  I just appreciate so much that they cheer for me.

Nick: That’s definitely good to hear.  HuHi, thank you so much for the interview, especially after the loss.  Best of luck to you in the gauntlet and your future matches.  Is there anything you’d like to say to the CLG fanbase?

HuHi: Well, to the fans: obviously the 3-0 victory hurt us a lot.  We can no longer play in the finals, so…it sucks, but I just hope that they can cheer for us and we’ll pay them back by showing them results in the future.


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Photo courtesy of Riot Games