DIG Altec reflects on loss to TSM: “We were really afraid of making plays even though we were ahead, and they capitalized on it really well.”

Team Dignitas AD Carry Johnny “Altec” Ru sat down with Nick Geracie following a 3-1 defeat at the hands of TSM.  Despite an impressive triumph over Cloud 9 in the Quarterfinals, Dignitas faltered in the Semifinals, and will have to watch from the sidelines while TSM and Immortals battle for the title of 2017 North American LCS Summer Split Champion. 


Nick: I’m joined by Dignitas AD Carry Altec following a 3-1 defeat at the hands of TSM.  I want to talk about your guys’ preparation coming into this match.  What was your plan coming into this match to beat TSM and why didn’t it work out today?

Altec: Well, going into this week we hadn’t seen TSM play for 3 weeks and honestly, I think we just like – I don’t think we necessarily prepped correctly.  I think we were still just practicing the champions that we played to beat C9.  It just didn’t really go well.  I mean, even the first game we had leads but we weren’t able to capitalize.  I feel like against TSM our comps were good, but we weren’t able to use them correctly because a lot of the times we were afraid.  We were just afraid to fight them because obviously we don’t want to lose to them, you know?  But going into game 3, we were down 0-2, and we were able to play with no regret.  We were able to do stuff.  We were able to make plays and everything, and it brought us to game 4.

Nick: Yeah, you guys definitely found something in that game 3.  You said you felt you didn’t prepare optimally.  In hindsight, what do you think that you guys could have focused on more that would have helped you in this match?

Altec: I think honestly just picking up more champions, you know?  We haven’t seen Doublelift play Kog’maw ever.  I guess we had different priorities on champion picks.  They play a really good Lucian, and we weren’t really able to punish it.  I think our champion pool was just really small coming into this week.

Nick: You guys seemed to have more of a focus on utility on your carry roles.  We saw TSM go with the Kog’maw and Lucian/Cassio; high DPS picks in their carry roles.  We saw a lot of Xayah and Taliyah from you guys; focusing more on the utility.  Is that what you’re referring to with these champion pool issues?

Altec: I think being down 0-2, we kind of just adapted to playing what we felt was correct.  We were able to do well in game 3 with Taliyah and Xayah, and going into game 4 we wanted to run the same thing.  Honestly, I think the entire series [went the way it did] because we were really afraid of making plays even though we were ahead, and they capitalized on it really well.

Nick: Where did the fear come from today? Was it a weird off day? Or was it just the TSM prestige of their name and their pedigree with all of these finals appearances and star players?  Was that a factor for you guys?

Altec: I don’t really think so, I just think that the practice coming up to this weekend wasn’t that great so we weren’t – you know, when we were winning scrims, we were full of confidence.  And I guess we kind of had troubles with scrims this week, that’s why we didn’t really come prepared I feel.

Nick: When you and Adrian were brought into the team halfway through the split and kind of turned the entire thing around after a mid-split slump, you guys gained a lot of recognition for your synergy and you specifically, for some great individual performances.  What was it like for you playing against Doublelift and Biofrost with you and them being the two best bot lanes in the NALCS?

Altec: It’s always a pleasure to play against them, you know?  They’re probably the best bot lane.  I guess we kinda had some trouble, but we had some advantages as well.  Playing against them was really enjoyable.  I don’t think we **** on them really hard, but I don’t think they **** on us really hard as well. So, honestly, the bot lane throughout the four games was really enjoyable for me.

Nick: So when you have that competitive matchup even though the games didn’t go your way, does it help to know that you held your own in the 2v2 lane?  Does that help you walk out of this loss more optimistically.

Altec: Uh, yeah, in a way.  Obviously, if you don’t lose to your counterpart obviously that’s a good thing, but a loss is a loss and it just sucks.

Nick: Yeah, I totally understand that.  So now, you guys are going to Boston to play Counter Logic Gaming in the 3rd place match. How are you feeling about that?  What are you guys going to focus on this week before you play them in Boston?

Altec: Honestly, I don’t really know what we’re going to focus on yet.  We’re going to have a chat when we get home, but I’m pretty sure we can beat CLG easily.

Nick: Well, it’s good to hear that you are still confident despite the loss here today.  Altec, I’m going to let you go; thanks so much for the interview.  If you would like to say anything to the Dignitas fans after this game, you’re welcome to now.

Altec: Well, we tried our best at being TSM, and they beat us.  They’ve gone undefeated in the semis [historically], and today was a day we could have changed that, but we didn’t really play to our strengths, you know? We didn’t really play well.  So ‘grats to them, and I hope they can win the Final.

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Photo courtesy of Riot Games