IMT CodySun: “I just want to test myself against Doublelift and Biofrost in the Finals.”

Immortals ADC Cody “CodySun” Sun joins Nick Geracie following the conclusion of the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split

0:00 – Reflection on week 9
0:25 – Olleh as an MVP Candidate
1:15 – Stacking up against the other ADCs
1:51 – Being considered a top ADC?
2:38 – Xmithie as a leader
3:56 – Largest obstacle in becoming a pro
4:44 – IMT as a premiere esports org
5:46 – Favorite moment as a pro so far
6:31 – Playing against TSM in the Finals
7:14 – Closing words/sponsor plug! 😀


This interview was recorded on August 5th, 2017.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

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