League of Legends Patch 7.14 Tier List

A new patch is here, and the balance of League of Legends is changing. Look no further for the definitive League of Legends Patch 7.14 Tier List:

List is for “Olympic Elo” Bronze 5-Gold 1

Patch 7.14 God Tier List

God Tier Top: Pantheon

Pantheon has been hovering around the top tier top laners for awhile now, he’s a strong lane bully and can gain leads but never really had a reliable way to do something with those leads. Then on Patch 7.14 Lethality was changed so that it now scales with YOUR level instead of the enemy level making it a fantastic tool for snowballing.
Typical core build path will be Duskblade first, then if you are against more opponents with armor you can get Black Cleaver or if you are against squishier opponents you can just get Ghostblade. Then GA should be 3rd item most of the time.

God Tier Jungle: Cho’Gath

With several recent buffs the Terror of the Void rises to the top. I can assure you I did not expect to be putting Cho on this list at all previously to this patch but now I have witnessed our one true God…. and he was eaten by Cho’Gath. One of the strongest build paths in the game right now is Cinderhulk->Warmogs->Gargoyle and this goes perfectly with what cho’gath wants to do, incredible HP scaling as well as high defenses makes him a very tanky frontliner as well as giving a lot of bonus damage to his ultimate that scales off his bonus HP.   

God Tier Mid: Ahri (9 patches in a row, rito pls end our suffering)

Being able to abuse strong items is a quick ticket to the God Tier, and Ahri has two very strong builds at her disposal. Between Morellonomicon->Luden’s Echo and Hextech Gunblade->Lich Bane, Ahri is capable of being a strong teamfighter or a strong splitpusher, respectively, depending on what her team needs (as well as your own personal style). Her ability to shove in the lane and then either kill her enemy or roam to help pressure other lanes is nearly unmatched in the mid lane. On top of all this, she is very safe. Her ability to charm enemies engaging on her or quickly dash out of combat with her ultimate make her a very slippery target to stay on top of.

Yes, she’s seen recent nerfs, but it was not enough to make her weaker than other midlaners.

God Tier Marksman: Jhin

With the changes to Lethality this patch and the large buffs especially to duskblade, we should see lethality jhin making a comeback. With strong laning, fantastic item synergy and very safe teamfight playstyle, Jhin easily takes the top spot this patch.

God Tier Support: Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is typically labelled as the anti-meta support, he rarely actually follows what the meta needs and is more likely to just counter what other meta supports provide. But this is one of those rare times where blitzcrank absolutely follows the meta and even controls it in some ways. Tanky playmaking supports are at the top right now and for Olympic Elo blitzcrank is your best option. A single pull on the right champ in the late game can easily be the deciding factor of a game, as well as continuously pulling the enemy ADC in lane to quickly get your Marksman fed and tilt theirs.

Patch 7.14 Top Lane Tier List:league of legends patch 7.14 tier list | top lane god tier


Carry Tier 1

Renekton, Kled, Darius, Jayce, Jarvan IV

  • Kled in my opinion is still a heavily underrated champion, fantastic dueling potential with the ability to remount and thus regain most of his HP makes him a very strong laner and he smoothly transitions into the teamfight phase with his ult
  • Darius is somewhat of a standard for top lane he has sustain, high damage with just a single damage item giving him the freedom to get tankier and excellent ability to 1v2 if he ever gets ganked
  • Renekton is an extremely strong and safe laner with the capability to kill his lane opponent easily even in a 1v2 or very quickly Slice and Dice out of a sticky situation. Aside from his laning prowess he is very good at dominating teamfights with his ultimate combined with Gargoyle Stoneplate
  • Jayce already loved to build lethality items and now those items are even stronger giving him a lot of opportunity to snowball the leads he gains from laning. Providing great sidelane pressure or sticking with the team to poke the enemy down for teamfights is the versatility that every team wants in a top laner
  • Jarvan the 4th is a recently appearing pick in the top lane. He has come back into the meta due to very favorable match ups for now exist and are popular as well as gargoyle stoneplate being added allowing him to build damage early and still quickly become tanky. There are very few lane matchups that he loses and he scales very well into the mid-late game as a high damage and strong initiation champion.

Carry Tier 1.5

Fiora, Camille, Gnar, Irelia, Fizz, Tryndamere

  • Tryndamere is a great duelist and does well with the new lifesteal focused builds
  • For the first time in 5 patches Fiora drops out of the God Tier. With her MS reduced and the increased threat from bramble vest her laning is hurt a lot as well as her abilitiy to stick to a target in teamfights
  • Irelia+Fizz+camille get a new build as well. Trinity Force>Sterak’s>Gargoyle Stoneplate will be Irelia’s typical start, giving her great survivability. This build allows her to dive into fights, quickly do away with one of your squishy carries, then gain bonuses from Sterak’s and Gargoyle to help her survive enemy retaliation.
  • Gnar buffed last patch giving his Q more base damage and increasing his jump range by a significant amount giving him more lane pressure

Carry Tier 2

Rumble, Gangplank, Riven, Illaoi, Talon, Wukong

  • Wukong has variety in his build in that he can either go the lifesteal oriented build with ravenous and DD or he can opt to go Triforce and Sterak’s. A bit more reliant on snowballing than the other champions of his style resulting in lower placement
  • Rumble has great lane dominance against players who don’t know how to play around his passive and flame spitter. snowballs well and destroys teamfights
  • Death’s Dance+Sterak’s+Visage should make Illaoi much harder to deal with now. While she still lacks CC and a good gap closer, her counter-initiation is godly, and she has strong lane sustain.
  • Fewer tanks in the top lane makes lethality stronger, allowing Talon to shine. As well as recent lethality buffs so he has more freedom to dominate lane and roam around the map 
  • Riven is a great laner and snowball champion that will do well with the new build options and lack of tanks top
  • Gangplank has risky laning phase, but if you can survive it and get to skirmishes/teamfights then he is exceptional. Benefits from crit items and Sterak’s being buffed

Carry Tier 3

Quinn, Teemo, Kennen, Yorick, Lissandra

  • Basically cheese tier
  • Strong lane bully but doesn’t achieve much afterward (minus Kennen who is effective in teamfights)

Tank Tier 1

Gragas, Singed, Poppy, Shen, Cho’Gath

  • Gragas gets some very nice buffs with the sustain on Visage and the added tankiness from Gargoyle
  • With major buffs this patch both directly and through itemization, singed will remain near the top of the list. He now has the strong capability to either beat his opponent outright in lane or just go behind their turret and proxy the lane
  • Shen is fantastic for teamplay/crossmap play while still being capable of winning lane (think tanky Gangplank)
  • Poppy counters hard engage champs, which are highly effective in the current meta—especially in jungle
  • He’s not just dominating the jungle, with his buffs this patch Cho’Gath now has strong tools to duel with in the top lane. Adding %HP damage to his E gives a lot better lane presence and now he isn’t forced to shove the wave by constantly having his E turned on

Tank Tier 2

Galio, Swain, Nasus, Olaf, Jax

  • Good at running at enemy (strong for top because of the long lane)
  • Can push lanes well
  • Strong CC
  • I’m on the fence with whether Jax should be listed as a carry or a tank since his build makes him a tank but his playstyle makes him a carry. Regardless of which list he belongs on, he is a very strong splitpushing and dueling threat despite the new bramble vest being a strong counter to him

Tank Tier 3

Trundle, Nautilus, Maokai, Warwick, Garen

  • Anti-tank tanks
  • Duel well in lane
  • Strong teamfighting ults but easily avoided/kited

Tank Tier 4

Malphite, Tahm Kench, Sion, Mundo, Volibear

  • While these are some of the most tanky champions in the game, it becomes difficult for them to reach that late game potential when they can’t dominate their lane. Their extremely weak laning phase and strong likelihood of being kited makes them a weak pick for the top lane

Patch 7.14 Jungle Tier List:league of legends patch 7.14 tier list | jungle god tier

Tier 1

Zac, Gragas, Kha’Zix, Sejuani, Nunu

  • Nunu shoots up the list thanks to Cinderhulk damage buffs,  which allow him to clear Raptors and Krugs much more easily. The Visage buffs give him more healing just like Gragas. Gargoyle’s main drawback is that it limits your damage, but Nunu doesn’t really care about damage. Nunu is, as always, the best objective controller in the game, so with the new Rift Herald dominating over uncoordinated teams, Nunu will do extremely well with and against it.
  • Kha’zix remains the strongest Jungle assassin this patch, his early powerspikes and strong objective control on top of having great dueling capabilities makes him a fantastic pick for soloQ and makes snowballing your lead very easy especially with lethality
  • Gragas The strongest balance of  ganking and farming, fantastic sustain with his passive and spirit visage along with enough CC and damage to pull off ganks against any opponent. on top of this he also does a surprising amount of damage between building iceborn gauntlet and the base damage of his abilities
  • Zac is still nearly the strongest jungler and I expect him to retake that throne next patch when the current state of chogath is hopefully nerfed. With unmatched angles to gank from and incredible amounts of CC as well as being ridiculously tanky Zac is easily a very dominating force in the jungle
  • Sejuani is an incredible CC chain champ and maintains her ridiculous tankiness from a very early stage of the game. Itemization is a bit weaker than the other tank junglers but her high utility and immense CC keeps her at the top

Tier 1.5

Elise, Amumu, Olaf, Master Yi, Shyvana, Rammus, warwick

  • Amumu is great for teamfights and strong itemization
  • Olaf gets much stronger itemization this patch. His favorite item, Righteous Glory, got nice buffs this patch allowing him to not sacrifice as many stats to build it. Cinder>RG>Gargoyle>locket>GA will be a fantastic typical build for Olaf, obviously with the option to build more situationally with things like deadmans or visage
  • Yi, warwick and Shyvana are great low-elo junglers due to their strong snowball potential and ability to gain a lead just by farming a lot (which we all know is the only thing your “terrible” junglers like to do), incredible dueling potential and is very strong vs disorganized soloq players
  • Elise is one of the ganking/diving champs in the game making her a fantastic jungler for playing against inexperienced laners
  • Rammus received incredible buffs this recently making his passive and his W and his Q extremely strong. He used to be just a counter to full AD comps but now he has potential to succeed against a larger variety of opponents. The new abyssal scepter synergizes extremely well with his kit giving him a reasonable build path vs AP and from the extra damage on his passive+E and W he is a very strong dueling champion

Tier 2

Graves, Rengar, Lee Sin, Jarvan IV, Hecarim, Maokai

  • Graves is the best powerfarming jungler next to shyvana, while he lacks in ganks he is fantastic at dueling and farming although a bit more difficult to pull off
  • Just about everything hecarim does is fast, his jungle clear, his build, his movement speed and even his summoner spells. Still a very strong bruiser jungler option but doesn’t fit into the meta very well as he isn’t a true tank and doesn’t build lethality
  • Lee Sin would be much higher if my list was intended for higher elo, but in low elo these champs are typically too difficult to play to their full potential, leaving you behind the enemy jungler who chose to play a much simpler champion
  • Rengar and Nocturne(1 tier lower) are hurt by the Black Cleaver nerfs, but they’re still not bad at snowballing and tilting the enemy team. Lethality is a very strong option and they benefit from it nicely
  • Maokai has a decent clear speed now with his E getting bonus damage from bushes, fantastic gank opportunities pre and post 6 and can easily itemize extreme tank items

Tier 3

Rek’Sai, Nidalee, Wukong, xin zhao, Vi, Nocturne

  • Tank junglers being stronger gives Nidalee a fighting chance. Her main weakness is strong early skirmishers and Assassins.
  • Wukong and Vi are the weakest of the AD assassins, they would do well with the new Tri Force->Sterak’s build, but it’s more difficult when this build is delayed by a jungle item.
  • Xin zhao is incredible at dueling, but it can take him awhile to get to that point and his competition (yi shyv ww) can accomplish that goal sooner and stronger.
  • reksai has great gank pressure and now more kill pressure from recent buffs but is heavily reliant on snowballing

Tier 4

Galio, Shaco, Skarner, Evelyn

  • Galio does well as an anti-tank tank; his kit naturally does well against tanks and he is also great as secondary initiation
  • Eve/Shaco are just good for cheesing; while sometimes effective, it is unreliable
  • Skarner is a weaker version of Olaf/Hecarim

Patch 7.14 Mid Lane Tier List:league of legends patch 7.14 tier list | mid lane god tier

Tier 1

Syndra, Orianna, Zed, Kassadin, Ekko, Malzahar

  • Syndra is notable for “outplaying” her opponents with just a single button, how could a champion like that be anything lower than tier 1? She has a strong laning phase and provides a potentially large amount of CC to help setup ganks or even to initiate fights. Once the fight actually starts she can quickly stack some balls up and eliminate one of the squishy or low HP members of the enemy team
  • Orianna has a very safe laning phase with very few counters. While it may be difficult to win lane, it is even harder to lose it orianna is legendary for going even in lane and then pulling out her huge AOE ultimate to easily turn the tides or just outright win fights
  • I typically place zed lower on the list just for his rather difficult kit to play but I believe with the buffs to lethality you do not need to achieve the full extent of his kit to make him an effective pick. He has decent poke and very strong powerspikes, notably his level 6 being one of the best spikes in the game making it easy to snowball through the laning phase and start roaming to destroy the rest of the map
  • Kassadin is the anti-meta pick for mid lane, he does extremely well into AP matchups and similar to zed he can easily gain a lead once he hits 6 and starts roaming
  • Ekko is one of the most versatile kits in the game, he has poke, a gap closer, cc and immense survivability with his ult. Very forgiving of mistakes as well, if you dive onto the enemy and realize you’re outmatched, just press your undo button and continue on living on the rift
  • Malzahar has always had a strong laning phase with his basic abilities shoving the wave in constantly but now he’s even safer with the recent changes to banshees veil, he basically gets 2 of them with his passive making it incredibly difficult to engage onto him and giving him more opportunities to safely immobilize himself when ulting

Tier 1.5

Vladimir, Talon, Vel’koz, Anivia, Corki

  • Vlad is another very safe laner, you can easily dodge any CC with your pool and you have pretty much unmatched sustain for the laning phase which also increases your dueling pressure. After laning phase you also have great teamfight pressure with the AOE from your ult and E
  • Talon is in constant competition with zed for being the top assassin. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses but right now Zed’s stronger laning phase and better item synergy puts him higher. Talon is better at roaming and has more AOE damage rather than the single target ultimate that zed has
  • Vel’koz has a strong aggressive laning phase but is very weak to ganks, you can choose to play safely but that limits the full power of your kit. If you can maintain strength through the mid game then your ults can be very devastating in fights
  • Anivia is great at holding a lane and stalling out games so that your team can comeback and be competitive with the enemy team. She’s extremely good at farming to keep a high gold value and has a surprising amount of burst damage. Her wall can be fantastic to use in fights to split up the team and catch carries out of position
  • Corki has very strong trading with his Q and E and is very safe with his W. Safely farming and poking until his first package comes up and then he can roam and help win a side lane is a very strong category in the current meta

Tier 2

Ziggs, Twisted Fate, Fizz, Katarina, Xerath

  • Fizz has a very weak laning phase and is almost entirely reliant on his ult to do anything, but once he has his ult if he is able to snowball with it he can become near unstoppable
  • Twisted fate will always be at least decent due to his ult and his point+click CC from his gold card, but right now many champs do his job better
  • Ziggs is a very strong laning champ but is very slow and has a somewhat unreliable escape with his W. he’s typically guaranteed first turret if he isn’t feeding and can fantastic DPS but has weak matchups and it’s hard for him to gain advantages on his own
  • Katarina is a very difficult champ to play, even played to full effectiveness she is not a very big threat. Her dropped daggers make her play very telegraphed and makes it easy to play around or avoid.
  • Xerath is too reliant on skill shots to be a consistent pick in low elo so I don’t really recommend playing him above any other champs but assuming that you can land skill shots he has very high DPS and can easily deny enemy mid laners from roaming by constantly shoving them under tower

Tier 3

Karma, Lux, Brand, Annie, Leblanc

  • Lux is too straightforward and doesn’t have enough options in her kit. She has strong itemization but her ultimate is so easy to dodge that it rarely gets to do anything unless you land a Q first
  • Brand has very high damage AOE if the enemy groups up to let you ult them but he struggles in just about every other category for mid laners

Tier 4

Karthus, Viktor, Veigar, Morgana, Heimerdinger

  • Best as counterpicks. Good teamfight potential but riskier playstyle/laning makes it harder to get to teamfight phase

Patch 7.14 Marksman Tier List:league of legends patch 7.14 tier list | marksman god tier | adc god tier

Tier 1

Miss Fortune, Twitch, Tristana, Varus

  • It’s been a heavy controversy on whether you should build lethality first on MF or just full crit, but with the lethality changes this patch she is definitively better with lethality first. She can once again control the laning phase with early lethality and is strong against the popularity of warlords
  • Twitch has long range and great trading capability with his poison and contaminate. He has a very unique playstyle as a flanking ADC due to his invisibility and and AOE ultimate. Can dominate lane as well as teamfights if given a lead
  • Tristana is the new best hyper carry on the rift. She has an absolutely insane late game with her long range combined with typically building Rapidfire Cannon. She maintains lane dominance with her E active and passive as well as having plenty of jump resets to stay safe in teamfights and to chase down kills
  • Varus provides long range poke and lots of CC. Jhin ashe and varus all accomplish pretty much the same goal but they differ based on their itemization, varus is only worse than jhin because he uses lethality better

Tier 1.5

Draven, Ashe, Xayah, Kog’maw, Jinx, Caitlyn

  • Jinx’ main weakness is her somewhat weak laning phase, if she can survive or even win her lane then she will be an incredible hyper carry in teamfights but typically she struggles in lane and is better as a secondary damage threat.
  • Draven has very strong itemization with deaths dance giving him plenty of survivability in lane and making it easier for him to gain a lead and start his well known snowball
  • A common misconception with kog’maw is that he needs a team comp built around him. Having a team designed to work with you is definitely a big bonus but it is not a necessity, with plenty of on-hit AS focused items for him to build he can still melt any team that stands in front of him
  • Ashe is just the weakest version of jhin/varus. She has the lowest damage output of any ADC but makes up for it with her vision control and consistent long range CC
  • Caitlyn has received a lot of nerfs recently but this patch was most significant when they cut her AS growth stat in half, meaning in mid-late game she essentially loses a zeal item worth of AS

Tier 2

Lucian, Kalista, Ezreal

  • Lucian unfortunately can’t utilize the lethality items very well, his short range makes it difficult to get use out of the Duskblade passive and Youmuu’s isn’t strong on it’s own. He’ll stick to the ER>RFC>IE build. Makes him less effective in lane but gives more consistent damage for skirmishes and bigger teamfights.
    A lane bully that struggles to win lane is not a good pick
  • Kalista always has an interesting place on my lists because of how buggy she is. Her true effectiveness makes her deserve a spot in tier 1 but because of her inconsistency on a core level and her high difficulty to play she gets placed lower.
  • Ezreal is in a difficult spot in this meta because he can’t use crit items and while Duskblade is a very strong 3rd item on him (after manamune and trinity) you kinda lose the effectiveness of lethality if you’re not abusing it early on to help you snowball. Between a weak (although safe) laning phase and slow scaling ezreal is not a strong pick in the current meta

Tier 3

Vayne, Sivir, Corki

  • Vayne and Sivir are in a very similar position in that they have a weak laning phase and then take a longgg time to scale. They’re very notable for having a strong 6 item powerspike but that spike doesn’t really matter if your team has to play basically without an ADC until you get there
  • Corki is definitely the worst of all ADCs, I even considered not listing him here and just putting him on the mid lane list. Really the only time I’d be happy to see corki ADC on my team is if everybody already picked an AD champion and we need some magic damage to round out the team comp. He has very important level powerspikes that he needs to hit and it’s very difficult to get to that from bot lane rather than the solo exp you get from mid, as well as his package being much less effective from one side of the map instead of having the option to roam from mid with it

Patch 7.14 Support Tier List:league of legends patch 7.14 tier list | support god tier

Tier 1

Thresh, Lulu, Nami, Morgana, Janna

  • Janna and Lulu still remain near the top even though this is Janna’s first time being off the god tier. Despite their style being a bit weaker than their tanky support opponents, shielders still get fantastic itemization options and many opportunities to peel for their carries
  • Nami is consistently one of the most underrated supports in the game. In my opinion she has one of the most well designed kits in the game with incredible lane pressure, AOE hard cc on a basic ability to easily win the 2v2 bot lane and then an enormous level 6 powerspike to control the bot lane and quickly turn the tides in a teamfight
  • If he wasn’t so complex to play then Thresh would be far above every other support on this list, the play making potential that he brings to the Rift is nearly unmatched in the support role. Pick comps are the most effective comp to be used in soloq due to soloq teams being extremely uncoordinated and disorganized
  • Morgana does well as a play making support as well as countering most play making supports with her black shield. The more defensive side of the current support meta

Tier 2

Rakan, Braum, Taric, Sona, Bard

  • Braum accomplishes a similar job as morgana in that they are both defensive or reactive play making supports but being melee and lacking the direct CC that morgana has puts him a bit lower
  • Sona and Bard are actually very similar champions. They bring unexpectedly high damage to the laning phase while also healing their Marksman. Then when they move to mid-game they have fantastic team fight oriented ultimates to lock down the enemy team and control the pace of the game

Tier 3

Karma, Leona, Alistar, Brand, Zyra

  • Brand/Zyra counter low elo players, free kills based on stupid opponents but relying on opponent mistakes is unfortunately not a legitimate strategy. You need to be able to be proactive as well as reactive
  • Karma has dropped off a lot now that stronger support itemization can replace the immense amount of shielding she provided
  • Leona provides fantastic chain CC and is incredibly tanky but she only has 1 mode: Go in. Without the ability to disengage and without reliable peel she gets left behind in the support category
  • I believe this is the longest amount of time that alistar hasn’t been a good pick, this is the highest I have placed him in 9 patches. While you probably see LCS players making big plays with him, that unfortunately doesn’t translate well to soloq based on both your inability to pull off the plays and the lack of coordination from your team

Tier 4

Soraka, Vel’Koz, Tahm Kench

  • Too many sources of greivous wounds for Soraka to be effective
  • Vel’koz is the worst of the 3 mage supps.
  • while tahm is a popular pick in professional play he does not translate well to soloq. He has strong play making potential with his ult and can easily save a carry that gets caught out but this doesn’t mean much when you get annihilated in laning phase and set your bot lane behind by having basically no lane presence