NV Nisqy: “I think I played at my top level in the last best of 5 against CLG, so I’m quite proud…”

Team NV Mid Laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer joined Nick Geracie following the quarterfinals loss to Counter Logic Gaming in the 2017 NA LCS Summer Playoffs.  Despite the loss, NV shocked onlookers, taking CLG to a full 5 games for an epic conclusion to the Quarterfinals.  

Nick: Alright, I’m joined by NV Mid Laner Nisqy after an absolutely epic series with CLG.  I know it ended up not going your guys’ way, but it was a really hard fought series.  What’s your initial takeaway?  Are you very proud of your play, or is it too disappointing? What do you feel like right now?

Nisqy: I mean, I’m not sure right now because at the start I thought that we would just lose to CLG…like just getting smashed, you know, like 3-0 because when we played them earlier in the season they just kind of smashed us 2-0.  But during the 2 weeks break – I mean not break, but – during the 2 weeks we practiced a lot and like…compositions, just the map in general, and our team play actually got a lot better.  But I knew that even if we tried our best and we worked really hard it would still be not that easy to beat CLG, because they are really good macro-wise, I think.  And they have experienced players – 4 of the 5; except Omargod.  But yeah, I’m just taking this series as experience because it’s my first best of 5 in LCS, so yeah, just taking experience from it I think, and next time I might do better because now I know what a best of 5 is.

Nick: That’s a really good perspective to have and you showed up big, especially in this game 5 on this fantastic Kog’maw pocket pick. Can you talk to us a little bit about the AD Kog’maw; the philosophy behind picking it, and what you were trying to go for with this pick?

Nisqy: Ok so basically I didn’t know if they would pick Corki or not.  But then when they banned Cassiopeia and…I think it was Galio, I think…I mean, once they banned Cassio I knew they would go for Corki.  But instead of banning it I wanted to play Kog’maw into it because we already played Kog’maw like…maybe two or three times in scrims, and that was like one month ago or something. So I told my team if they pick Corki, I want to go Kog’maw, so we should just build a comp around it at the end if we could.  So we just tried that out and once they picked Corki I just went Kog’maw and we kinda knew that if we go late and the game is even, we would win.  But they could win early game because we also had Zac and Zac+Kog’maw is really weak early.   I mean, CLG played really good, I think, in that last game.  They knew that they would lose teamfights sometimes when we tried to force.  They knew how to play the 1-3-1 as well, because that’s what is best against Kog’maws and yeah, I just…it was either Kog’maw or Syndra, and then I told my team “What should I pick?” and then they all said “Kog’maw” so I just went for it and I tried my best, I guess.

Nick: You definitely did try your best and it definitely looked well from the mid lane, you did tons of damage in that game.  We’re seeing very high-DPS picks being prioritized in the mid lane more than ever before – Cassiopeia, Lucian, Corki, now your Kog’maw as well.  What do you think about these champions makes them so powerful in the mid lane in the current meta?

Nisqy: I mean, I think right now since everyone prioritizes tanks, you need someone that either kills the tanks, or a tank like Galio for example.  Because if you go something like…for example, Syndra, I don’t like it because it’s so hard to play her in teamfights and eventhough you win lane, the matchups are not easy.  It’s probably like skill matchups and stuff, and the guy can just farm and then he will be better in teamfights.  So I think you need good damage so that’s why Cassio Lucian and Corki are the top 3 right now, because they just do a lot of damage in teamfights and their laning phases are okay against any champion.

Nick: Was there anything that you think could have turned game 5 in your favor? Was there a specific moment or concept you guys could have executed upon better?

Nisqy: In the teamfight…I think it was mid lane?  When Tristana jumped in, after I got the triple kill, my W was like two seconds away [from being off cooldown], and I think if I had W I would have just flashed on her, because she had no jump and flash.  And then I think we would just go [Baron] Nash[or] as two, me and Gnar, and then maybe the game could change, but…I had no W *laughs* unlucky.  I think that Stixxay played the teamfight really good, and I think they know how to play against Kog’maw, I guess, or hypercarries in general.

Nick: So you just finished your first split of play in LCS as a rookie.  It stopped at the quarterfinals here, but quite an impressive showing for yourself.  Is there anything specific – maybe a special memory of your first split or maybe one specific thing that you learned that you feel will definitely add value to you as a player as you grow with more experience?

Nisqy: I think me compared to other mids right now is that I don’t have as much experience out of all the mids in LCS, in NA at least.  I think this split I’m just using it to kind of know how each player plays.  For example, I didn’t know how Bjergsen plays, or how Jensen plays, but I can learn a lot from them.  So I think if I can play more splits in NA LCS I will get better by playing against good midlaners like Bjergsen and Jensen, or like…every mid.  I think the most important thing for me right now is to focus on my champion pool, I think.  For example, Bjergsen, he just plays every champion, right?  He can pull out like…Xerath in any situation, or like Viktor and stuff like that, and I think if I’m able to have a bigger champ pool I think that might help my team as well.  But I think I did a decent job with my champions, but I could have a bigger champion pool.  My first split was okay, I guess, and I think I played at my top level in the last best of 5 against CLG, so I’m quite proud of me, but I think we could have won against CLG if we played better as a team.

Nick: Well, it’s good that you’re walking away with your head held high, you definitely deserve it.  We really look forward to seeing you play more NA LCS, it’s been a lot of fun so far.  Nisqy, is there anything that you’d like to say to EnVyUs now that you’ve finished your first split with the team?

Nisqy: Thanks to the CEO of EnVyUs – his name is Mike – for trusting me.  I didn’t even play one LCS game and he already wanted me in EnVyUs after the tryouts.  And for giving me the chance to tryout as well, and I hope that he’s proud of me as a rookie.  And thanks to the fans as well, because there’s actually a lot of fans…*laughs* mostly French fans, but NV has some fans in League of Legends, and we’re starting to have a bigger fan base as well, because we went to the playoffs, unlike last split.  But yeah, thanks for NV and all of the fans in general.


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Photo courtesy of Riot Games